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My Love For All Things Hair

Hello, I'm Sabrina.

I come from a land of ice and snow located in Ohio and now resides in a wonderfully warm place known as Dallas, Texas.

My journey started when I went natural in 2010. At the time, I was attending college while being very active in clubs and collegiate sports.  The lack of knowledge of proper haircare caused major issues with the overall health of my hair.


So I decided to go natural and started protective styling my hair using braids, two-strand twists, and you guessed it….wigs! Wigs and hair extension became a big part of my protective styling routine and helped me maintain healthy hair and retain length.

After many years of customizing and styling wigs, I decided to open my very own hair boutique! I’ve turned my passion into to place where others can come and find my creations to unlock their inner bosses and divas!

Here at MYLOVELYROOTS, we strive to prove our customers with nothing but the best virgin hair and textures.


Our online hair boutique provides premade custom wigs and top quality hair extensions in numerous hair textures, lengths, styles, and origins.

Sabrina, Owner & Founder of MYLOVELYROOTS LLC

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